Below are steps to use Personalization to hide pages until they are ready to be publically viewable.  This can protect or secure pages from anonymous or selected users on areas of the site you don't want certain users to see.

Personalization will enable a page to allow only a certain group of users to view the page. 

Note Users that are part of the System Administrator group can view any personalized page

To enable personalization on a page:

  1. Open the desired page in Full Edit mode
  2. Select the Personalization tab

    Note if the personalization tab is missing, ensure that the personalization tab checkbox is enabled in My Page, Global System Variables > System Variables, and in at least one of the group settings of a groups this users belongs to.

  3. Enable the Personalize Content checkbox
  4. Disable the Use Parent Members checkbox

    Note Keep this checkbox enabled if the parent page already has personalization enabled, and has the members selected already

  5. Click Viewer(s)
  6. Select the groups or individuals that should be able to view this page

    Note Only users that have the personalization option in group settings enabled will be shown in this list of users.

  7. Click OK
  8. Click Publish