Below are web browsers that can be used to edit or view ACM pages and which versions are supported.  For more detailed information on your specific version of ACM, please check the Hardware and Software requirements document.

Supported Browser Versions for Editing

IE = Internet Explorer|
FF = Firefox

ACM VersionIE 6.0IE 7.0IE 8.0 IE 9.0  IE 10.0IE
FF 2.xFF 3.x FF 4.x FF 5.xFF 6.x+FF Latest Versions at time of ReleaseSafariChromeOpera
14.3 No No NoYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNoYesNoYesNo
14.2 No No NoYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNoYesNoYesNo
14.0 No No NoYesYesYes***NoNoNoNoNoYesNoYesNo
13.5 No No NoYesYesYes***NoNoNoNoNoYesNoYesNo
 13.3 No No Yes Yes YesNo No No No No No Yes No Yes No
 13.1 No No Yes Yes YesNo No No No No No Yes No Yes No
 13.0 No No Yes Yes YesNo No No No No No Yes No Yes No
 12.4 Yes* Yes* Yes Yes NoNo No Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* No No No No
 12.3 Yes* Yes* Yes Yes NoNo No Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes No No No No
 12.2 Yes* Yes Yes Yes NoNo No Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes No No No No
 12.1 Yes* Yes Yes Yes NoNo No Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes No No No No
 11.1 Yes* Yes Yes Yes NoNo Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No
 11.0 Yes* Yes Yes Yes NoNo Yes* Yes Yes Yes No** No No No No
 10.3 Yes* Yes Yes No** NoNo Yes* Yes Yes No No No No No No
 10.2 Yes* Yes Yes No** NoNo Yes* Yes No No No No No No No
 10.1 Yes* Yes Yes No** NoNo Yes Yes No No No No No No No
 10.0 Yes* Yes Yes No** NoNo Yes Yes No No No No No No No

* Some features in older browser versions may not work properly due to the rapid development of browser technology.

** We officially do not support it and have not fully tested this version, but there are no currently major known issues

*** While support of IE11 began in 13.5, several bugs existed which caused editing issues.  These are resolved in the 14.2 build.


Supported Browsers Versions for Viewing

In view mode, the compatibility with browsers are mostly dependent on the site design.  However, as of ACM 12.4, we no longer support Internet Explorer 7 and below.  Some functionality in ACM depends on modern web technology that is not available in older browsers such as Internet Explorer 7.

Note that Internet Explorer 7 and below, make up less than 1% of traffic on the internet.