The Page Editor is the full-featured editor used for adding page content, creating new pages, editing workflow and publication information, adding meta data and pagelets information, and viewing page history.

Below is a picture of a Home page opened in the Page Editor.

User-added image

Sections of the Page Editor


1.  The top line of the Page Editor displays the name of the page you are editing and displays an icon showing the current status of the page.

2.  The second line of the Page Editor contains the page editing toolbar that allows you to save, cancel, publish, emergency publish, and preview the page. 

3.  The section below the toolbar is the Page Summary section. This is common to all page types and is used for controlling the titles, names and location of the page.

4.  Below the Page Summary section are all of the Editing Tabs used for managing the page and its content. The default tab displayed when you first open the Page Editor is the Content tab. This is where you will find the HTML editor windows and toolbars used for adding page content.

Click the highlighted links to view details on how to setup and use each section to manage content on your website.