While editing a page, an error occurs "Error while executing filter XHTML-TypeError: Unable to get property 'parentnode' of undefined or null instance"

This is a known bug with RadAjax editor. If a table or a list is in a paragraph, it throws this error(http://feedback.telerik.com/Project/153/Feedback/Details/128436-table-inside-paragraph-breaks-the-editor). The Dev has already informed Telerik about the bug. As a workaround, you will need to disable XHTML conversion settings for the editor.

To do that:


-Go to Admin Menu>System>Site Design>find your site>Manager Templates>Edit>select "config" from the "Select Folder" dropdown menu>HTMLEditor.config.

-Close to the bottom of the page, you will see the following line:


-Change "true" to "false"( so your line will be: <contentfilter><name>ConvertToXhtml</name><value>false</value></contentfilter>)


-Clear the ACM cache(Admin Menu>System>Cache Clearance>Clear Cache)

-Log out and log in again.


You will need to repeat these step for your sites that have this issue.


If the code is not in the HTMLEditor.config file, you can copy the whole section that starts with <contentfilters> and ends with </contentfilters> from your other sites and paste it right before the </root> tag in the HTMLEditor.config file from the site with an error. In case the code is not on your sites, I pasted it below:



<!--Content Filters in the RadAjax Editor are called in a sequence to process the editor -->

<!-- content when the mode (html / design / preview) is switched or when the page -->

<!-- is submitted. Here are the current filters that are available... -->

<!-- RemoveScripts - This filter deletes the script tags to reduce the possibility of cross-site scripting and other script-related problems -->

<!-- EncodeScripts- This filter encodes all script tags in the content.-->

<!-- FixUlBoldItalic - This filter remove deprecated U tags and replace them with CSS - XHTML -->

<!-- FixEnclosingP - This filter removes a paragraph if the whole content is inside it -->

<!-- IECleanAnchors - This filter removes the current page href from all anchor (#) links -->

<!-- MozEmStrong - This filter changes b,strong and i,em in Mozilla browsers -->

<!-- ConvertFontToSpan - This filter changes deprecated font tags to compliant span tags -->

<!-- ConvertToXhtml - This filter converts the HTML from the editor content area to valid XHTML -->

<!-- IndentHTMLContent - This filter indents the HTML content so it is more readable when you view the code -->

<!-- Note: Only applicable to the RadAjax Editor. -->