Below are instructions to Add Groups to Season programs after logging into Swim Manager and proceeding through program details within the program setup process.

Note: Groups enable administrators to divide programs by specific criteria for registration purposes, such as by price, age range, or experience
Note: At least one group is required
  1. Enter Name
  2. Enter Description (optional)
    • Note: 255 characters maximum
  3. Enter Capacity
  4. Check the box to optionally allow waitlist registrations
    • Note: If this box is checked, a new link appears allowing the administrator to customize the waiting policy
  5. Enter Age range (start age to end age, as of a certain date)
  6. Select Gender
  7. Select volunteer requirement (optional)
    1. Yes: Includes a Points box
    2. No
  8. Click Save & continue
    • ​​Note: This action saves the edits made to the existing groups
  9. Click Save & continue to proceed to Prices and billing