If an athlete has one or more meet results you cannot just change gender setting when it is incorrect
  1. Go to Athletes
  2. Highlight athlete with incorrect gender and click Results in Top Bar
  3. Uncheck Fastest option (Swimming) to view all results
  4. Click Print > Single Athlete Report to print report of Athlete's Results
  5. Go to Meets
    1. Select meet in which athlete has results
    2. Click on Results > Result Browser
    3. One at a time select results for above athlete and click on Delete
    4. Repeat for other meets the athlete swam in
  6. After all results deleted go to Athletes
  7. Double click on Athlete to bring up edit screen
  8. Change Gender designation
  9. Click OK
  10. Re-enter results as desired
    1. Go to Meets
    2. Select a meet athlete swim in
    3. Click Results > Results by Name
    4. Select Athlete
    5. Re-enter Results
    6. Repeat for other meets as needed