When trying to install license file via web delivery, license will not download will give possible error messages:
  • License Failure
  • Matching license file could not be found
  • No error (it will go back to installation option screen)
Note: A program error at other times may be a different issue

Possible causes of this error are:
  • Security software or firewall on the computer blocking the connection to our license verification server.
  • Windows user doesn’t have admin rights
If you're getting this errors, refer to steps below:
Note: Hy-Tek software has to be close while doing these steps
1. Copy a valid Hy-Tek license file 2. Download or save license file to computer where you're trying to install the software

3. Locate downloaded/saved license file
SoftwareLicense FileLocation

Note: If license file came from support, it should be on Downloads folder
4. Right click file and Copy

5. Navigate to installed folder for your Hy-Tek Program. By Default this is C:\Hy-Sport

6. Open the folder and find folder for program you are trying to install:
  • SwMM8 - Swim Meet Manager
  • SwMM7 - Swim Meet Manager
  • TFMM6 - Track Meet Manager
  • TFTM4-2 - Track Team Manager
  • TM8 - Swim Team Manager
7. Right click on folder for program you are trying to install and select "paste"

8. If done correctly you should receive a warning message stating that the "The destination already has a file named..."

9. Select "Replace the file in the destination"
Note: If you do not receive this warning message, you have not copied the file to the correct location
10. Reopen the software