Below are instructions to edit reports within Meet Manager for Swimming 7.0 (SWMM7) and Meet Manager for Swimming 8.0 (SWMM8).
  1. Go to Reports > Meet Program, or Reports > Psych Sheets, or Reports > Results
  2. Select the following items to include:
    1. Number of columns
    2. Events
    3. Other options
    • Note: Be sure to check the RTF Export box under the column selection header
  3. Click Create Report
  4. Click Export Report icon (upper left side of the screen)
  5. Select Microsoft Word - Editable (RTF) under format, then click OK
  6. Click OK
  7. Select the location to save the file to, name the file, then click Save
  8. Open file using Microsoft Word
  9. Format the report in Word for the number of columns previously selected
    1. For ease of editing or if heats will be moved around, another option is to move heats first and then format the report for the number of columns
    2. When this is accomplished, the report will be in the format selected and each column will be editable