Below are instructions to export swimming information as a batch to send to USA Swimming after logging into Swim Manager

1. From the Home Tab, click on the Reports tab

2. Within the USA-S Registrations box, select either
  • Ready for a new batch
  • Batch History
3. Select a Program from the drop-down list

4. Select Location (for Multi location Programs)
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Note: Once a location selected, it should only list the registrations for that selected program location
5. Within the list of athletes, the following actions may be taken:
a. Edit: Change the athlete's personal or registration information
b. Remove from batch: Exclude the athlete from the batch
6. To export athlete information, click the Action button on the upper right corner and select Download batch
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7. Within Create batch dialog box that appears, the total athletes, renewals, new, changes and upgrades will be listed
Note: A status of Change means that the information of an athlete changed since the last batch export
Note: Creating a batch saves an electronic file and a paper summary so that organizations can send registrations to the LSC Registration chairperson
8. Click Create

9. Created batch is a zip file containing two files (confirm that these files are included within the zip file):
a. A SD3 (.sd3) file that can be used to send to USA Swimming
b. A PDF (.pdf) file that can be used to print a paper summary

After confirming zip file contains SD3 and PDF files, we recommend emailing the electronic (SD3) file along with a check for registration and LSC fees to the LSC. Once batch has been sent, the included registrations will be confirmed by USA Swimming

Above steps are only needed if USA Swimming athletes have registered for a program - if no applicable athletes exist, the following message appears
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Note: USA Swimming SD3 batch files include the new D5 record containing athletes’ primary email addresses for submission to USA Swimming