Note: Our help center is always available to you regardless of what version of our product you own. 

Technical Support is available for Meet Manager for Swimming 8.0 (SWMM 8), Team Manager for Swimming 8.0 (SWTM 8), Meet Manager for Track & Field 6.0 (TFMM 6), Team Manager for Track & Field 4.2 (TFTM 4.2), and Swim Manager.

For help in placing an order for the latest version of the software please read: Upgrade Hy-Tek Program

Note: Meet Manager for Swimming 7.0 (SWMM 7) is still eligible for support 2 years from date of purchase. 
Note: Extended support packages for SWMM 7.0 (more than 2 years) and TFTM 4.1 are available for purchase here

Note: If your product version is not listed above you are not eligible for email support. 

Customers with supported versions are entitled to email support as follows, with the exception of the free demo versions of the software which only have email support.
  1. Business hours
    1. Defined as 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time 8:00 AM to 7 PM /Central Time 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM /Eastern Time Monday through Friday
  2. Email
    1. Emails received after 8:00 PM on a Friday, on a holiday, or on a Saturday or a Sunday will be returned the next business day
    2.  If an email response is not received within 4 hours (during business hours), check spam filters or the junk email folder as the message may appear there
Example: If an email is received on Saturday morning at 11 AM, it will be returned no later than Monday at 5 PM
Note: We recommend adding to the safe or white list (emails are sent from this address on behalf of SwimTF Support)
Note: Meet Manager for Track & Field 6.0 (TFMM6.0) was released on Tuesday 12/20/16 - as this is newest version of software, support is no longer offered for TFMM5.0 or earlier versions
Note: Meet Manager for Swimming 7.0 (SWMM7.0) was released on Monday 06/19/17
Note: Meet Manager for Swimming 8.0 (SWMM8.0) was released on Friday 02/14/20 - as this is the newest version of the software, support is no longer offered for older versions of SWMM