The Meet Mobile application (app) displays meet results in real time as data is received during meets from the timer (one heat at a time). This app has the ability to display heat sheets, psych sheets, records, team scores, and time standards.
If you are using this app and have questions, please start by taking a look at the following information:

Access Subscription Page when Paying for ResultsDo I need to pay for a subscription on every device I own?
Will my subscription automatically renew?How can I cancel my subscription?
When do I auto-renew if I purchase a monthly subscription mid-month?I can't find my meet using the "Search" field.
How can I browse all meets?Why are meet results not updating?
Why doesn't the "Meets Near Me" search work?How do I get automatic notifications of my favorite swimmers?
How do I delete meets from my "Last Visited" list on the home page?How do I get access to Psych sheets?
Are devices using Windows operating systems supported? 
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