Merge results would be used for same meet when entering results on two or more computers, and needing to merge them into master database
  1. Make sure all computers used to enter results have a copy of same meet database
  2. On one computer go to File > Export > Results for Meet Manager Merge of same meet
  3. Under Rounds select
    1. Complete to export results for completed events
    2. Partially Completed - to export results for events with partial results
    3. Seeded - to export results from prior round when next round is seeded
  • Note: To export results for a second option under Rounds it is necessary to do a second export
  1. Select All events
  2. Click Export
  3. Click OK
  4. Select a location to save the file in - click OK
  5. Click OK on last export screen
  6. In Meet Manager on other computer go to File, > Import > Merge Results (MM to MM)
  7. Select merge results file, click Open
  8. Click OK