To create a Registration Export File for USA Swimming in Team Manager for Swimming, follow steps below

1. Click Teams
2. Double-click team and confirm Team Registration is set to USS - United States Swimming
3. Press OK
4. Close Teams window
5. Click Set-up > Preferences > System Preferences
6.Confirm Default Team Registration is set to USS - United States Swimming
7. Press OK
8. Click Athletes 
9. Apply Show Inactive Swimmers  filter
10. Check Inact column for any swimmers leaving 
11. On Teams screen, click Maintenance > Registration Status
Note: If registration has not been setup for each athlete:
i. Go to Athletes
ii. Double-click athlete
iii. Click Build ID
Note: Primary Contact Address, Telephone,Gender, Birth Date, and Team required to Build ID
iv. Click Registration
v. Press OK
12. Under From Status select All
13. Under To Status select New or Renewal
Note: If renewing any registrations, select option that fits your situation
14.Press OK
15. Once all athletes have the correct status, go to File > Export > Registration
Note: If first time exporting registration files, batch # should be 0
16. On the Export Registration page, select your desired options and click OK