Adding a secondary guardian or email to a player profile is often done for families. Below are instructions on how to add a secondary guardian or family member to a player's account
  1. Go to People > Players > Manage Player Information
  2. Use available fields to locate player
    1. Last Name
    2. First Name
    3. Member Id
    4. OrgID (the default is the current organization ID)
  3. Click Find
  4. Click Primary Guardian name under Family Members area to view Person Maintenance record
  5. Click Create Other Guardian in person maintenance screen
User-added image
  1. Add Parent First and Last Name
  2. Click Add Staff
  3. Input email address for family member
  4. Click Update
  • Note: If they wish to have their own login, edit the email address and click Update
  • Note: On the Login Email click the "Link" button to allow this person to log in to this organization using the email address"