Document Management allows organizers to easily manage documents expected for club and league registrations.
  • NOTE: Documents can only be uploaded to registrations completed after 8/14/16 
Players appearing on this page still must submit missing documents for program registrations. Missing documents often include birth certificates, player contracts, waivers, photo agreements, etc.
  1. Go to People > Players > Manage Documents
  2. Perform a search using the available parameters to limit the results returned, or simply click Find to return the first 250 players listed alphabetically
  3. Select Document(s) you wish to accept
  • Note: Multiple or all documents may be accepted at once
  1. Select action you wish to complete
    1. Download: Downloads document to administrator computer
    2. Upload/ Replace: Upload new or Replace document for player
    3. Send Reminder: Sends reminder email to parent
    4. Update Status: Update document status with:
      1. Not Received
      2. Awaiting Approval
      3. Approved
      4. Denied
- Multiple or all documents may be accepted at once
- Second document reminder instructions can be found at Send Document Reminder Emails
- To override document acceptance for program, right click on document and select “Ignore & Allow”
- Document upload limit is 3mb