Multiple charges could appear on a registrant's card from due to a few reasons:

Reason 1: Payment Plan (most common)
Player is registered for payment plan after schedule installment dates have passed (all are charged at once). Verify by checking:
a. Dates on Payment Schedule with
b. Charge dates within Registration Maintenance
  • Note: Look for correlations
Reason 2: Duplicate Charge
Duplicates can occur if a player is registered and Process Payment is clicked multiple times. This often occurs if parent/payer does not think payment went through, refreshes page while checking out, broken network connection, etc. These charges appear only once in LeagueOne, but multiple times on registrant's bank statement. Verify by checking:
a. Payments collected for individual under Registration Maintenance page in LeagueOne compared to
b. Registrant's bank statement (look for one extra charge on statement)
i. If duplicate charges appear, contact LeagueOne Support with details of player and situation

Contact Support
1. Collect details (before contacting support):
​a. Registrant's receipt
b. Copy of charges on registrant's bank statement
c. Parent and child's full name
2. Visit Email Us form:
a. Complete required fields
b. Enter Duplicate Charge - [Player Name] within What is your question field
c. Enter details (receipt, charges, etc.) collected above into Additional details about your question field
d. Click Send
  • Note: Once automatic reply email received, reply and attach player receipt and copy of bank statement (from above) to append items to case
  • Note: Organizer submitting request must have access to LeagueOne administrative system
  • Note: To confirm access, login into LeagueOne before contacting support