Use Scheduler to view Location Usage information for a given organization (club) within a given year or season. Below are instructions to view Location Management after logging into LeagueOne.
  1. Navigate to Scheduler > Location Management
  2. Click Reports
  3. Select radio button Location Usage: List of allocated timeslots per location
  4. Click Process
  5. Select location(s) for report
  6. from output format (OPTIONAL) Choose
    1. Comma Separated Value (CSV ) File
    2. PDF file
  7. Click Process
  8. Download CSV or PDF file

Run Location Usage Report tru Schedule Game 

      1.Go to Scheduler > Schedule Management
      2.Select the name of the schedule in blue
      3.Go to the Games tab
      4.Click the More drop down and select Reports
      5.Select Location Usage  
      6.Click Process
     7.Set correct parameters 
     8.Click Process
     9.Click download