A league administrator with registrar or player agent job rights may setup a league's integrated website. Below are directions to set up the integrated website after logging into LeagueOne.
  1. Navigate to Website > Edit Website
  2. Under Add Domain > Select domain option
a. Create a site name – creates a domain hosted by Active Network
b. Connect a registered domain name – connects to a domain hosted by third party service to setup custom domain
  • EG. GoDaddy.Com
  • Note: Only use if 3rd party domain provider has forwarded DNS records
  • Note: If used prior website will be uneditable
  1. Under Choose a website name > Enter website’s name in text field
  2. Under Select a template > Select a template
  • Note: Once selected it can’t be changed
  • Note: Template 1 and Template 6 available now (T1 and T6 templates on top and bottom row) 
  • Note: All templates will be available come August 26.
  1. Click Publish Website to create website