When a Site Builder site is created through the LeagueOne integration, the default Site Builder address/domain/URL is http://sitename.activesports.com. If you prefer to use a custom domain (myclubdomain.org), you can change your site address within Site Builder after pointing your domain DNS records (from your registrar).
  • Note: If you do not already own a custom domain, you may purchase one through numerous providers (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Google Domains, etc.) - perform a search for "domains" or visit ICANN.org for a list of registrar websites to find/select a provider of your choosing

1. Connect domain to Site Builder (from provider website)
a. Log into domain registrar site, add/edit A records
i. Edit @ A Record to point to
ii. Edit www A Record to point to IP address
  • Note: Contact registrar for additional instructions on editing these records (varies per provider)
  • Note: DNS records can take 24-48 hours to propogate across the internet
  • Note: ACTIVE Network LLC cannot advise/recommend providers - this is entirely a personal choice

2. Change Site Builder address/domain/URL
  • Note: Changing the site builder URL before the custom domain has propogated will produce a 404 error. It is recommended that you wait 24-48 hours after changing your custom domain records before editing sitebuilder.