Depending on the Junior Team Tennis program, the player's parent or coach may need to help them complete a JNTRP (Junior NTRP) self rate assessment during the registration process. Please make sure the player is logged into TennisLink in order to complete the JNTRP (Junior) self-rating. For more information about Junior Rating please here. If you have any additional questions please reach out to your Section/District Office Contact. Please follow the steps below to self-rate a player when registering for a JTT team or Program:

Note: Make sure the browser pop-up blocker is disabled before clicking Self-Rate as the self-rate questionnaire will appear in a separate window
  1. Log in TennisLink with junior player's USTA #
  3. Select Have a Team ID?
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  1. Enter USTA #
  2. Enter Team #
  3. Select Self-Rate link
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  1. Complete Self-Rate form