To import rosters from a CSV file into Meet Manager or Team Manager, follow the steps below:

1. Format the CSV file contents as follows:

The first row must must contain the following headings:

  • Swimming ID (this field must be in the first column; values in this column are Athletes Registration IDs)
  • Athlete First Name
  • (Optional) Athlete Middle Name 
  • Athlete Last Name
  • Athlete Gender
  • Athlete Date of birth
  • Team name 
  • (Optional) Pref name 
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  • Notes: Subsequent rows contain information for one athlete per row.
  • Notes: Please enter team's abbreviation under Team Name column. 

2. From the Main Menu, choose File. 
3. Choose Import and then Rosters Only 
4. Choose the Drive you are importing from and then the File Name.
5. Click the file to import.