Note: All orders must be placed online on Online Store. Orders cannot be taken over the phone.

To place a New Order
  1. Go to Online Store at
  2. Scroll to product of interest
  3. Click Buy Online
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  1. Select product and feature needed to be purchased
    • Example: Upgrade, Timing Console Interface, Photo Finish Interface, Etc.
  2. Check box by price
  3. Select Delivery Method
    • Note: CD Only, Web Only or Both Web and CD
    • Note: Web Deliveries are not immediate. Once order is processed, an email with set-up link and license file will be sent
  4. Click Add To Cart
  5. Select Shipping Method under Shipping and Handling
    • Note: Choose option under Shipping/Handling Outside The USA, if order is shipped internationally
  6. Select Sales Tax status
  7. Check box to agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy 
  8. Click Continue Shopping to purchase a different product or click Checkout if finished
  9. Enter information in all required fields
    • Note: License Name is name of club/school/team or facility or organization
  10. Choose one of Billing Options
    • Note: If payment method is Purchase Order, please email a copy of Purchase Order at
    • Note: International Purchase Orders are NOT accepted
    • Note: If payment method is International Bank Transfer, please contact for transaction details
  11. If Credit Card, Enter Credit Card Information
    • ​​Note: Credit Cards are not immediately charged. Credit Cards are only charged during the processing of the order
  12. Click Submit
  13. Verify information
  14. If all information is correct, click Complete Your Order
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